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Senior Staff Training - June 21 - 27, 2015
Junior Staff Training - June 28 - July 4, 2015

Frontier Lodge is dedicated to developing leadership potential and fostering Christian discipleship through providing various opportunities to volunteer at camp during the summer.

Enjoy one of the most exciting places to invest a summer. It's a time of incredible growth as together we experience the power of Christ firsthand. It's also a time of countless changed lives as campers of all backgrounds will be introduced to the love of Christ, many for the very first time.

Exciting programs, endless activities, powerful music, challenging speakers and wild adventure, all combined with the love of Christ in action.

Imagine serving side by side on a dynamic team united in vision and committed to Christ and to each other. Imagine a summer that will make an eternal difference in young lives, and in your own.

Three special programs we have to encourage Christian in leadership are :

Youth Volunteers The backbone of camp, youth from 14 on up can volunteer to work a week or more in maintenance, kitchen or special activities. A great time for learning how camp works behind the scenes, making new friends and having quite a bit of fun while providing a valuable service to camp.

Junior Counselor Program Training young people to work with children, this four week program is open to 12 young people 14 and up. During their four weeks these Junior Counselors will live in a cabin and work with campers under the supervision of an adult counselor. They will have several morning sessions dedicated to teaching specific counseling skills and practices.

Adult Volunteers For those 17 and up, adults and college age people. You have the opportunity to set the standard and help lead camp by volunteering a week of your time as a cabin counselor, program aide or working in the areas of maintenance, kitchen, administration, nursing or program specialties. If you have specific skills we can put them to use.

Staff Positions:

Kitchen minimum age 14
Working in the kitchen is a lot of fun, you'll grow close with your co workers, learn what its like to be in a very busy environment and get the satisfaction of knowing that you got to be part of making camp a big success

Maintenance/Housekeeping minimum age 14
In Maintenance you will help keep camp running from the daily clean up of building to special projects like painting or making stairs. Maintenance and housekeeping are important roles at Frontier Lodge

Program Staff minimum age 16
This is a new position here at Frontier Lodge. Program staff members may or may not live in cabins with campers. Their primary job will be to assist with the overall camp program making sure things run smoothly and consistently. This may be getting props ready for skits, helping to lead music, coming up with dramas or anything else to help out with the program.

Junior Counselors minimum age 17
Live in a cabin with a group of campers and a counselor. Learn what it is to be a day in and day out role model. As a Junior Counselor you will also assist in an activity area.

Counselor minimum age 17
Live in a cabin with campers and a co counselor or junior counselor. Impact a group of young people and create a positive experience for campers. As campers grow you will find your growing as well.

Lifeguard *Must have certifications

Will work under the head cook and assist with meal preparation or specialize in one area like desserts.

Nurse *Must meet qualifications
Will live in the infirmary and be responsible for medications and all the scrapes and bruises that occur at camp.

Administration Help
If you can only come a few days or perhaps living in a cabin is not for you but you are interested in working at camp come help in our office, answer the phone, help in the tuck shop, stuff envelopes we always need extra hands.

If any of these roles interest you, please fill out an application today.
All necessary forms can be found on our "forms" page.

If you have any questions about the positions or concerns about whether you are ready or qualified; please contact us at 819-844-2277.

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