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Welcome to our parent page.

As the summer draws closer we will update this page with some practical hints on how to pack, what to send to camp and much, much more. However right now we thought we would give you some links to practical information on the dreaded "H" word.

Homesickness is perhaps the most common denominator in a campers stay at camp. Children of all ages sometimes experience those familiar pains of missing home. Our staff are trained to help campers get through those tough times, there are also some things parents can do if they think their child may be a candidate for the homesick blues.

Camper Scholarships & financial aid

We have scolarships in place to help families who cannot afford the full cost of camp: The James Wilson Camper Sponsorship Fund as well as financial assistance provided by "le Ministère de l'Éducation et Enseignment Supérieure" under the Financial Assistance Program for accessible camps.

A financial contribution will be granted according to your family income.

*click here for the Sponsorship Application Form*

All forms & information sheets can be found on our
forms page.

Interview Video
"Why did you come to camp?"

"Why I send my child to camp."

*this video was NOT made at Frontier Lodge, but promotes reasons for going to camp.

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