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"1st Junior"- June 29 - July 5, 2014 - (Session 1)

"2nd Junior" - July 6 - 12, 2014 - (Session 2)

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Junior Camp weeks are filled with laughter, fun and excitement from the first moment campers arrive. From learning to shoot the bow and arrow to kayaking and swimming campers will learn to develop new skills, build confidence and make new friends all under the guidance of a group of well trained and dedicated counselors.

The adventure does not end when the sun goes down, exciting evening adventures and fun start as campers enjoy skit filled campfires and crazy outdoor games. Junior Campers have plenty of time to explore, ask questions, learn about themselves and others all in a safe, caring and exciting environment!

1st Junior Speaker 2nd Junior Speaker

"Mrs. Drew"

Mrs. Drew is a native Townshipper and a former Frontier Lodge camper. Mrs. Drew has been involved in children's ministry for many years and has been active at Frontier Lodge for many years as well. For several years, come summer, Mr. & Mrs. Drew have moved to the camp in order to help out wherever needed and has become a vital part of the ministry of Frontier Lodge.


Hauled off to family camp against his will at an early age, Doug has attended or staffed at eight camps across Canada, and has finally made peace with the camp experience at Frontier Lodge. Doug's education is about the same -- having attended eight universities before they finally kicked him out after ten years. Only slightly too timid to run away and join the circus, Doug finances his children's education by doing research in cognitive science. Doug is continually grateful to God for His amazing grace, and looks forward to sharing that grace (along with all manner of fun and information) when he visits Frontier Lodge each summer.

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