Frontier Lodge operates as a non-denominational, nonprofit Summer camp under the direction of a Board of Directors. The camp is under the administration of a General Director and each individual camp is directed by a volunteer Program Director while cabins and campers are supervised by a group of counselors.

Our current Board of Directors:

Chairmen Peter Brereton
(Bethel Chapel - Montreal)

Brent Cullen
(Bethel Chapel - Montreal)

Ronald Drew
(HopeCommunity - Sherbrooke)

Heather Hay
(Westview Bible - Montreal)
Cathy Hortop
(Hope Community - Sherbrooke)

Fiona March Chandler
(Faith Community - Montreal)

Dr. Robert Paulette
(Grace Chapel - Sherbrooke )

Steve has served in youth ministry for fifteen years, for almost twenty years his summers were spent at Camp Langston in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. At Camp Langston Steve served in a variety of roles including lifeguard, program director and finally co-director.

Steve is an American Camp Association certified Camp Director and is active at Grace Chapel in Sherbrooke.

As General Director, Steve is responsible for the daily operation of camp and supervision of all camp staff members.
General Director
Steve Townley

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